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Versatile programs for competitive careers

From developing alternative energy solutions to pollinating robots and creating energy-efficient hybrids, the Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering offers versatile programs and hands-on research that provide a competitive advantage to our students. Jump start your future with a degree from our department.

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Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering

The Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering is dedicated to the contribution of economic development and the well-being of society through innovative technological advancements and state-of-the-art education of highly proficient engineers who are well prepared for successful professional practice and civic outreach in a global business environment.

Why choose Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace engineering at WVU?

In the department of mechanical, materials and aerospace engineering at WVU, you will gain the fundamental knowledge necessary to succeed in a wide range of engineering professions. Our lectures and lab courses at the sophomore and junior year will prepare you for a diverse selection of technical electives and design experiences for the senior year that will allow you to customize to your interests. Our department prides itself on offering exciting capstone design experiences, many of which are hands-on and aligned national competitions. Our degree programs will allow you to design and build your own aircraft, robots, and vehicles and take these leadership experiences with you into the job market or graduate school.


The vision of the Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering is to be recognized as a leading engineering department that offers world-class experiential learning opportunities and engages in high-profile research.

Employment outlook

Both the mechanical and aerospace engineering disciplines have and are anticipated to retain strong job markets. Employer interest depends strongly on the student's coursework, performance and engagement/participation in various extracurricular activities. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to work in a range of venues, including private or public positions in industry, or in academia as graduate research or teaching assistants.

Did You Know?

Our group of researchers helped California Air Resources Board uncover the Volkswagen emissions discrepancy that lead to the discovery of a "defeat device" installed in certain Volkswagen automobiles.


MMAE alone offers a total of 6 graduate programs.

In the last decade, the robotics team at West Virginia University has 8 number one finishes.

A packaged pumpkin with a parachute falling from the Engineering Sciences Building

Each year MMAE hosts the Pumpkin Drop competition open to local school districts to compete and learn about STEM disciplines. The goal is to design an enclosure or apparatus to protect a pumpkin from damage when dropped from the roof of the 11 story high WVU Engineering Sciences Building. All proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald house.


There are 8 student organizations and competition teams that MMAE students can join including:
EcoCar // Formula One // Baja // Human Powered Vehicle // Microgravity // Design, Build, Fly // Experimental Rocketry // Robotics

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