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Chester L. Whitehair

A headshot of Mr. Chester L. Whitehair.




  • BS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1959

Mr. Chester L. Whitehair is a native of Clarksburg, WV and graduated from Victory High School. He has had a distinguished career in the Aerospace industry since joining the Douglas Aircraft Co., after graduation from WVU. From 1963 to 1998 he served the Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, CA in capacities as member of the technical staff, manager, and Vice President for Space Launch Operations. He was responsible for many aspects of the production and launch of six major launch systems during his tenure. The work encompassed over 200 launches. Over the last two years, Mr. Whitehair served as a senior advisor to Lockheed Martin Corporation, Titan IVA-20 Accident Investigation Board, and Japanese Space Agency. Currently he serves as a senior technical advisor to NASA and the U.S. Air Force. He is the author/co-author of 20 formal technical documents on space launch and satellite systems.