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Darius N. Brant

A headshot of Mr. Darius N. Brant




  • BS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1961
  • MS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1963

Mr. Brant has worked at the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory and at General Electric's Reentry Systems Department where he produced computer codes for ablating reentry vehicle analysis. Responsible for the aero-thermodynamic analysis of the USAF Minutemen ICBM, he worked on maneuvering vehicle studies, and also did aero-thermodynamic analyses for NASA of the Pioneer-Venus and Galileo planetary probes.

As Manager of Aerothermophysics with General Electric (now Martin Marietta Corporation) his engineering tasks have ranged from computational analysis through ground testing and successful vehicle flight tests. Active in professional society (AIAA) activities, he served as the Philadelphia Chapter Chairman. He also has served as Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at WVU.