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F. David Wilkin

A headshot of Dr. F. David Wilkin.




  • BS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1967
  • MS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1969
  • PhD, education administration, Harvard University

Dr. F. David Wilkin holds BSAE and MSAE degrees in Aerospace Engineering from WVU and a doctorate in Education Administration from Harvard University. In 2008 he was admitted to the Irvin Stewart Society. He had held the position of president of Virginia Highlands Community College since 1995. In 2010, at age of 65 and after 15 years as president he retired from Virginia Highlands Community College. He is also active in Chambers of Commerce, economic development efforts, and civic and cultural organizations. Dr. Wilkin was formerly Chief Officer of Marshall University’s Community and Technical College for 12 years. He has been a teacher and administrator in several other states, for a career total of 31 years to date. Early in his career, Dr. Wilkin conducted aerodynamic research at the Naval Ship Research and Development Center near Washington, D.C. and flight-testing at the Patuxent River Naval Air Test Center. True to his aerospace education, Dr. Wilkin has been a lifelong aviation enthusiast. He is a private pilot and recently flew with a friend to Alaska in a small Cessna. He is also a sailing enthusiast— what are sails but wings on end—and once sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.