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Fred N. Mudge

A headshot of Mr. Fred N. Mudge




  • BS, mechanical engineering, WVU, 1956
  • MBA, Bellarmine College, 1977

An officer with the US Army Corps of Engineers before joining the Anaconda Company at the Louisville Rolling Mill, Mr. Mudge held various operating positions, including plant management duties, and worked in several states, Jamaica, and the West Indies. He then was made Vice President of Technology for Arco Metals in Chicago, with responsibility for research, engineering, and major capital programs. He was responsible for construction of the Logan    County, Kentucky fabricating complex. In 1985, he became President and CEO of Logan Aluminum; the 1000 employee facility was expanded and is recognized as the premier aluminum fabricating facility in the US.  Now retired in Russellville, Kentucky, Mr. Mudge is a past president of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce, is Chairman of the Logan Hospital Board of Trustees, and a member of the Board of Regents of Western Kentucky University. He was named the 1989 Russellville citizen of the year.