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John J. Richard

A headshot of Mr. John J. Richard




  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, WVU, 1950
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 1963

Mr. Richard worked as an engineering designer for Blawnox, designing nuclear power plant handling equipment and fuel processing apparatus for the second nuclear submarine, Seawolf. In 1954 he joined Westinghouse Electric, where he patented an original design for the third through the seventh nuclear powered submarines. From 1968 to 1970 he reported directly to Admiral Rickover, the "father" of the nuclear navy, resolving problems with nuclear component design and manufacture. From 1971 he served at Westinghouse as Technical Assistant to the General Manager and Manager of the Technical Operations, Plant Apparatus Division. He recruited about 200 WVU engineering graduates for Westinghouse and obtained grants of about 1/2 million dollars from Westinghouse for WVU engineering departments. He served as Chairman of the MAE Advisory Committee from 1987 to 1989, and remains a member.