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John W. Rustenburg

A headshot of Mr. John Rustenburg




  • BS, Aerospace Engineering, WVU, 1959

Mr. Rustenburg received his BSAE from WVU in 1959 and has created a career in the analysis and testing of state of the art aircraft, primarily for the US Air Force. He has developed innovative testing, calibration and analytical methods for a variety of factors influencing the dynamic loading, flight dynamics, and structural integrity of aircraft, including the XB-70, B1, B2, and B52, and several varieties of cruise missile. He has published nearly 40 technical papers and reports for the AIAA, ASD, FAA, and other agencies. Mr. Rustenburg has a long list of awards and commendations from the US Air Force and was presented a Letter of Appreciation in Recognition of Outstanding Service by President Bill Clinton in November 1994. Since 1995, Mr. Rustenburg has been a Distinguished Research Engineer with the University of Dayton Research Institute. In that post, he has continued his research into the impact of loading configurations, turbulence, and other factors on the flight dynamics and structure of commercial aircraft ranging from small planes to the B737.