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Leonard S. Nicholson

A headshot of Mr. Leonard S. Nicolson




  • BS, mechanical engineering, WVU 1961
  • MS, mechanical engineering, WVU, 1963

Mr. Nicholson joined NASA in 1963 at the Johnson Space Center. He has been Technical Assistant to the Manager, Apollo Program; Manager, STS Operations Office, payload integration and development; Technical Assistant to the Director; Manager, STS Mission Integration Office; and Manager, national STS integration and operations. In 1989 he became the Deputy Director of the shuttle program, responsible for the space shuttle program elements, including the orbiter, external tank, solid rocket boosters, main engines, and facilities necessary to support all mission operations. In 1992, Mr. Nicholson was named Director of the complete U.S. space shuttle program, and in 1993 became the Johnson Space Flight Center Director of Engineering. While at NASA, he has been honored with the NASA Exceptional Service Medal, two Outstanding Leadership Medals, and the Virginia Hughes Exceptional Performance Award.