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Michael E. Fourney

A headshot of Dr. Michael E. Fourney




  • BS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1958
  • MS, aerospace engineering, Cal Tech, 1959
  • PhD, aerospace engineering, Cal Tech, 1963

Michael Fourney worked for the Boeing Aircraft Company and on the University of Washington faculty.  In 1976 he moved to UCLA serving as Chairman of the Mechanics and Structures Department from 1979 to 1983, and then as Professor of Engineering and Applied Science. Co-founder of Mathematical Sciences Northwest, his research programs is in such diverse areas as rocket grain analysis and cataract surgery.  His main technical area of interest is the application of modern optics to solid and fluid mechanics.  He has contributed to over 55 symposia, published over 65 technical papers, reports and book chapters, and holds or co-holds four patents. Dr. Fourney is a national Past President and a fellow of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, a fellow of the American Society of  Mechanical Engineers, and was a 1986 Fulbright Scholar to Australia.