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Paul G. Migliore




  • BS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1967
  • MS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1969
  • MS, systems management, University of Southern California, 1972
  • PhD, WVU, 1979

Dr. Paul Migliore has been a leader and pioneer in the development of wind energy over 28 years in the areas of national defense, academia, and business owner/entrepreneur and government research. While teaching undergraduate courses in fluid dynamics, applied aerodynamics, aircraft performance, aircraft stability and control, aircraft design and wind tunnel testing at the University of California at Davis, he conducted experimental research on straight-blade Darrieus wind turbines and fault analysis of horizontal axis wind turbines. Dr. Migliore was founder and CEO of West Wind Industries, conducting research on advanced wind turbine concepts. He has worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado and has developed the procurement approach for the Department of Energy’s Next Generation Turbine Development Program. He received the prestigious Director’s Award for his work in managing the largest subcontracts ever awarded by NREL. Paul Migliore managed numerous projects to forward the state of wind energy technology.