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Richard E. Longhouse

A headshot of Mr. Richard E. Longhouse




  • BS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1964
  • MS, aerospace engineering, WVU, 1970
  • PhD, aerospace engineering, North Carolina State, 1972

Richard L. Longhouse is currently assigned to the Advance Product Development Group and is the present supervisor of Advanced Suspension Systems, of the Delphi Chassis Division with General Motors Corporation. He has been with General Motors since 1972. Mr. Longhouse began his career in 1964 with General Electric in their Aircraft Propulsion Division. In 1972 he became a Research Engineer with General Motors in their Research and Development Division. In 1979 through 1984 he was Head of the Engine Cooling Fan Design of Delco Products Division of GMC. Of significant note are his accomplishments with the design of the electric engine cooling systems and the development of a high efficiency fan design. Richard Longhouse was also instrumental in the development of a low noise strut module as well as the full car and hydraulic mount fluid dynamic modeling system. He currently holds 15 patents.