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Thomas A. Csencsitz

A headshot of Dr. Thomas A. Csencsitz




  • BS, engineering, Indiana Tech, 1966
  • MS, engineering, Georgia Tech, 1967
  • PhD, engineering, WVU, 1973

Dr. Csencsitz completed his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering working on analysis of helicopter rotor aerodynamics. In Medical School at WVU, he was President of his sophomore and junior classes, graduating from medical school after his junior year. Dr. Csencsitz held engineering positions with Martin Marietta and General Electric, and was an Aerospace Engineering Instructor at WVU. Since Medical School, Dr. Csencsitz has practiced orthopedic surgery, and became Associate Director of Medical Education for Orthopedic Surgery at the Orlando Regional Medical Center in 1990; he holds staff affiliations at five hospitals. With special interest in sports medicine and pediatric orthopedics, he belongs to many medical groups and societies, holding positions such as chairperson and director. Along with many medical technical papers, he has hosted over 290 segments of a television series "fitness factors" seen on over 20 stations.