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Clubs and Associations

Besides professional engineering societies and capstone design projects, students can develop leadership skills and use their technical skills towards the betterment of society by participating in the activities of clubs and associations.

  • Robotics Club

    Robotics club is a student-run organization that is dedicated to bringing students from all majors together to not only build robots but life skills that can be carried to future careers. The club’s goal is to bring a diverse group of students together and utilize their personal skills to help each other grow in knowledge and community centered around robotics.

  • Experimental Rocketry

    A WVU student organization committed to promoting the advancement of amateur high-power rocketry through group projects and outreach.

  • Endurance Racing Team

    The WVU Endurance Racing Team gives students interested in a career in the motorsports field hands on experience in vehicle dynamics and race engineering.

  • Undergraduate Research Association

    The WVU URA is an organization for both aspiring researchers and those who are already involved in undergraduate research. The organization operates in partnership with the WVU Office of Undergraduate Research. Our goals include, helping students get involved in research, teaching others about the benefits of research, spreading awareness of the undergraduate research that goes on at WVU, advertising research opportunities, providing advice and constructive feedback for posters and related endeavors, and facilitating exchange of information and synthesis of connections between students.